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Next Step Apartments – Sober Living Home

Next Step Apartments are housing alternatives for the graduates of our Women’s Hello House program. Many of the residents face a number of challenges including requiring mental health treatment and employment services–in addition to needing transitional housing.IMG_2377

To help the residents remain focused on their drug and alcohol abuse recovery, they are taught independent living skills in combination with support from program staff who have comprehensive substance abuse training.

At Volunteers of America Massachusetts, we know one of most difficult transitions for in the substance abuse recovery journey is the return from the treatment center back to the community. They face the prospect of loneliness and isolation when living in a room or apartment by themselves. This often leads to a relapse…that’s where we come in.

All residents of our Next Step Apartments must:

  • Have completed a recovery home treatment program
  • Actively participate in an AA/NA group as well as have a sponsor
  • Participate in outpatient counseling
  • Be committed to the recovery process

For More Information on Next Step Apartments Contact:

Miren Urrutia, Director of Women’s Recovery Services
Tel: 617-326-6484
Fax: 617-506-7508
Email: murrutia@voamass.org

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