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Proskauer Honors Veterans This Thanksgiving

November 22, 2016


November 17, 2016— Somerville, MA

The veterans residing at Volunteers of America’s Massachusetts Bay Veteran Center are forming an orderly line outside of the facility’s kitchen. An electric chatter fills the hallway as more and more men arrive. Their buzzing is akin to small talk among fans waiting to get into a concert or a movie premiere. Soon the hallway is filled to capacity with residents and their visiting friends and family members. Anticipation swells as the line begins moving.

A middle-aged client posted at the very front of the line takes off his baseball cap. It’s emblazoned with the words “United States Marine Corps – Vietnam”. He tucks it under his arm as he reaches for a plate and utensils off of an adjacent a table. Upon approaching the first server, he smiles. “I’ll be honest with you,” he says quietly. “I’m still feeling plenty humble after last year.”

A mere glance at the feast awaiting these veterans will tell you this is not an overstatement. The spread features tasty new twists on holiday essentials like Jamaican cheese-puff biscuits and from-scratch stuffing with sautéed mushrooms. There’s also a multitude of traditional favorites like smoked turkey breast with all the trimmings, cranberry sauce, and garlic mashed potatoes. This is meticulously crafted gourmet food that would garner a two-page spread in the center of your favorite cooking magazine. In the opinion of the Boston office of the global law firm Proskauer, it is exactly the type of holiday meal the clients and guests of the MBVC deserve every holiday season.

For the third year in a row, Proskauer reached out to Volunteers of America Massachusetts to coordinate the event, which means to improve the holiday cheer of residents and families of The MBVC. The holiday season can be a hard one for our guests and clients, which is exactly why Proskauer goes out of their way to pull out all the stops. This includes both providing the food and serving it up to the veterans during the event.

According to Joe Capraro, the head of Proskauer’s Boston office as well as one of the event’s participants, it is always the firm’s privilege to put on the event:

filt-croppedProskauer is honored to be able to serve a Thanksgiving meal to our veterans at the Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center. This is our third year providing a holiday meal to these noble men and women, and we are extremely grateful to show our sincere gratitude to them for the service they have provided to our country.”

Tom Bierbaum, President and CEO of Volunteers of America Massachusetts, adds:

“For many of our clients, this time of the year can be difficult, lonely and stressful. Proskauer’s continued generosity brightens their season and shows our veterans that the community stands behind them and is invested in their success.”

Gratitude is profoundly felt as the men sit down with friends and family to enjoy the meal. “The food is impeccable,” comments a U.S. Army veteran with a background in the culinary arts. “I’ve attended this event for the past two years and every time I’m taken aback by Proskauer’s generosity.”

An Air Force veteran who is new to the program agrees. “Having spent my share of holidays alone or in shelters, I can tell you that a meal like this is a reminder that we have a lot to be thankful for.”

If your group is interested in supporting our veterans programs or sponsoring your own event for the veterans at the MBVC, contact Isaac Oden (ioden@voamass.org) or call 617-522-8086 to learn how you can help.

If you are a veteran in need of housing, employment, or other services, find out how the Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center, the Veteran Employment Network, and Supportive Services for Veteran Families can help you today.

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