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2016 Women’s IRM Brunch a Success!

March 29, 2016

With the support of local donors, VOAMASS welcomed spring with their annual Women’s IRM Brunch, standing in solidarity low-income women and their families.

This heartwarming event was founded over 20 years ago, as a way of spending Mother’s Day with senior women in the greater Boston area, and honoring women who made a difference in our lives. Since then, the event has grown to honor all women who have overcome challenges and adversity.

Over 150 low-income women and families from over 15 local social service agencies enjoyed a day of companionship, live music, and gifts, in addition to opportunities to network with local experts on housing, mental health care, employment, re-entry, and wellness.

“Today, we welcome all women to our table. We recognize your strength, persistence and resilience, and remember the strong women who impacted our lives,” said President and CEO, Tom Bierbaum, in his welcoming address to our guests. “We are honored to celebrate your achievements today and every day.”

Many thanks to all our sponsors, partners, and individual contributors who helped make this event possible! Supporters like you have created a community that is willing to stand by women during their most difficult times, and give them the support, skills and services they need. Thank you for making a difference.

Our Wonderful Guests!

Women from senior groups all over Boston have been joining us for the past 20 years. One guest beamed on her way in and said, "I look forward to this all year!"


Celebrating Women 

Another highlight of the day was when Susan Wornick, former WCVB-TV Anchor, and Cheryl Fiandaca, reporter at WHDH-TV, shared their stories about being leading women in journalism, and about the strong women in their lives.

"Thank you for helping shape our community."

In his opening welcome statement, Volunteers of America Massachusetts President and CEO, Tom Bierbaum recognized the importance of the role that women play in creating safe, compassionate communities.

Thank You for Making this Possible!

Contributions from people like you not only made this day special, but also will continue to have an impact for years to come! Funds raised from this year’s I Remember Mama brunch will support our programs for women in recovery, women veterans and their families, and women in need of mental health care.

Our Special Helpers

Jaxon S. and Amaya B. were our youngest volunteers, and they were definitely the most popular! These kids devoted their Saturday morning to help our guests feel special and welcome.

The Three Musketeers

The Joe Brogan Jazz Trio is an I Remember Mama staple, providing lively and melodious music to all our guests.

The Big Prizes

Thanks to our friends at Wegmans Chestnut Hill, the Silpada Foundation, Bertucci's, and Swan Boats of Boston, women were invited to partake in a wonderful raffle with amazing prizes!

Thank You!

Thank you for making this incredible day possible! Because of you, women and their families throughout Massachusetts have hope for a better tomorrow!

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