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The Home Depot Foundation Steps Up Again For Massachusetts Veterans

homeVolunteers of America Massachusetts is thrilled to be a recipient of a Home Depot® Foundation $50,000 grant, which will help female veterans reintegrate back into our Massachusetts communities. Thanks to the generosity of the Foundation, this grant will aid in the remodel of the kitchen/dining area at Hello House for Women, a 28-bed adult residential recovery program with that serves both veteran and non-veteran women recovering from addiction.

Hello House serves between 100-120 women annually who are coping with drug addiction and/or alcoholism. The program provides extensive treatment, outreach, and follow-up services for disadvantaged women in-need, including female veterans with PTSD or other extensive trauma. The program is designed to take three to six months with the goal of reintegrating women back into the community.

The current kitchen space allows for only 8-10 of the 24 residents to utilize the space at once; forcing nearly half the residents to be separated during meal time. The new design is a “Country Kitchen”– an inviting space with ample area for food prep and eating that encourages shared experiences and bonding among all women in the program. The new layout will also allow for cooking classes that residents can participate in, giving the opportunity to work together. Having space for all the women to work together will encourage individual success.

Thomas Bierbaum, Volunteers of America Massachusetts President and CEO says, “We strive to create a family environment that allows women to support one another and to learn to trust themselves again.” Bierbaum continues, “We see this remodel as a chance to help female veterans for the next 20 years, and are confident in our goals because of this partnership with The Home Depot Foundation.”

Nationally, Volunteers of America serves more than 10,000 homeless veterans each year in 46 cities. In addition to receiving this funding, VOAMA will partner with Team Depot, Home Depot's associate-led volunteer force. Past success with Team Depot at the Hello House for Men remodel assures us that they will once again go above and beyond for our veterans.

Thank you to the Home Depot® Foundation and Team Depot for stepping up for Massachusetts veterans.  Because of you, Volunteers of America Massachusetts is able to continue with their mission of helping so many. It would not be possible without the support of Home Depot.

Thank you!

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